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Graduate House

Graduate House offers quiet, studio apartment living for a community of 150 graduate student residents. Its location, adjacent to but separate from University House, offers the best of both worlds – self-contained independence and privacy, but easy access to Fellows Café and Bar and other University House facilities.

Graduate House was first established outside the ANU campus, in 1971; in 1998, it was relocated to its present site. Graduate House has always emphasized the diversity of its student community, in both cultural and scholarly terms, a tradition that continues today. Graduate House provides an environment where each of its residents can live and work without disturbing or being disturbed by those with whom they live and where they can enjoy the benefits of a fulfilling social life.

As a resident of Graduate house, you will share the tradition of weekly Hall dinners with University House student residents, and a range of academic, cultural and social activities organized by the Graduate Common Room. 

You can apply for accommodation at Graduate House through the ANU Accommodation Services Online Portal

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