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Early Career Academic Fellows

Early Career Academic Fellows contribute to the life and work of University House in a variety of ways: by connecting with each other, with members of University House, and with resident postgraduates; by mentoring later-year Tuckwell Scholars; and by contributing to the governance of University and Graduate Houses. The Fellows hold early-career academic appointments at ANU.


University House Early Career Academic Fellows 2020 – applications have closed

Applications for Early Career Academic Fellowships 2021 will open later this year, and close on 29 November.

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University House Early Career Academic Fellows 2020


Dr Abidah Setyowati :

Dr Abidah Setyowati - Postdoc Research Fellow, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Abidah Setyowati is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of International Relations, Australian National University. She is a broadly trained human geographer with a specialisation in political ecology. Her research interests focus broadly on social dimension of climate, neoliberal environments, natural resources and climate governance, indigenous politics, forest tenure reform and gender perspectives on these issues.

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Dr Britta Forster :

Dr Britta Forster - Research Fellow, ANU College of Science

Britta is a plant biologist in the Research School of Biology and the ARC Center of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis. Her passion are plants and to understand how they function, in particular their ability to do photosynthesis. Her current work combines molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and physiology to improve photosynthesis and crop production by hijacking more efficient mechanisms that exist in the world of algae.
Dr Chris Wallace :

Dr Chris Wallace - ARC DECRA Fellow, National Centre of Biography
Dr Jill Sheppard :

Dr Jill Sheppard - Lecturer, School of Politics and International Relations
Dr Georgia Pike :

Dr Georgia Pike - Visiting Fellow, Centre for Research on Ageing, Health and Wellbeing, College of Health and Medicine, Convenor, Music Engagement Program, College of Arts and Social Science

Georgia Pike is currently Convenor of the Music Engagement Program at the ANU School of Music. She is a transdisciplinary researcher with an academic background in classics, history, law and education, and a performance background as a singer, actress and director. Her research and practice focusses on improving the ways in which intergenerational outreach projects benefit individual and community wellbeing.
Dr Renae Domaschenz :

Dr Renae Domaschenz - Research Fellow, John Curtin School for Medical Research
Dr Rachael Rodney Harris :

Dr Rachael Rodney Harris - Research Fellow, ANU College of health and Medicine

Rachael's work focuses on vitamin D metabolism and related health.

Before joining NCEPH in 2017, Rachael completed her PhD with Scibus and the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney, Australia, including collaboration with the University of Florida, FL. This work is focused on linkages between cattle nutrition and reproduction in the transition period, and effects of vitamin D supplementation in dairy cattle. Rachael has previously worked in sustainable agriculture policy and completed a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience in 2010 with honours (first class) in reproduction.
Jacob Shapiro :

Dr Jacob Shapiro - Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Mathematical Sciences Institute

Jacob is studying partial differential equations. He received his PhD from Purdue University in 2018.
Vi Kie Soo :

Vi Kie Soo - Research Fellow, funded by the ARC Training Centre in Lightweight Automotive Structures (ATLAS) at the Research School of Engineering

Her research interests include Life Cycle Assessment, System Dynamics, Eco-design, Life Cycle Engineering, lightweight materials, advanced joining techniques, end-of-life vehicles, and recycling issues. She has engaged in a number of field studies related to product waste management in collaboration with industry and other universities. Researching on issues pertaining to the manufacturing and recycling sectors through industry engagement has always been her passion and she is keen to continue research in areas relevant to sustainable manufacturing.
Sarita Dhounchak :

Ms Sarita Dhounchak - Technical Officer, Australian Phenomics Facility, College of Health and Medicine

Sarita completed her PhD at the John Curtin School of Medical Research and awaiting graduation. Her PhD research focussed on the role of a complex sugar (heparan sulfate) and other factors contributing to pancreatic beta cell stress during the development of Type 2 Diabetes.
Dr Lillian Smyth :

Dr Lillian Smyth FHEA – Lecturer in Medical Education, ANU Medical School, College of Health & Medicine

Lillian Smyth is lecturer in Medical Education and research in social and educational psychology in the ANU Medical School. Her research interests focus on the social psychology of norms and behaviour change, but also extend into self-concept structure and education.
Dr Melanie Carmody :

Dr Melanie Carmody – CSIRO Synthetic Biology Future Science Fellow

Melanie is a synthetic biologist with a background in plant science working jointly between the Research School of Biology, Research School of Chemistry, and CSIRO. She worked in Helsinki, Finland, for 4 years as a Postdoctoral researcher studying Reactive Oxygen Species signalling in plants, and has recently returned to Australia to continue this work in the context of developing new biological environmental sensor/switch technologies that could be used, for example, to create more drought tolerant crop plants.

Twitter: @MelanieCarmody
Siva Karuturi :

Siva Karuturi – Joint Research Fellow with the Research School of Engineering and the Research School of Physics and Engineering at the ANU.

His research interests include development of semiconductor materials for energy conversion applications including solar cells and solar water splitting

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Aditya Balasubramanian :
Dr Aditya Balasubramanian - Lecturer in Economic History, ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences School of History
Dr Andrew Hughes :

Dr Andrew Hughes - Lecturer, Research School of Management ANU College of Business & Economics
Charles Martin :

Dr Charles Martin - Lecturer, ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science
Dmitry Shishmarev :

Dr Dmitry Shishmarev - PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU College of Health and Medicine
Imogen Mathew :

Dr Imogen Mathew - B.A. (Hons) The University of Melbourne; M.A. The Australian National University; Ph.D. The Australian National University Lecturer in Professional Military Education, College of Asia & the Pacific
Julie Tournet :

Dr Julie Tournet - PhD in Nanotechnology (Electrical Engineering), Post-doctoral Researcher, ANU College of  Science
Katharine Balolia :

Dr Katharine Balolia - Lecturer in Biological Anthropology, ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences
Katrina Grant :

Dr Katrina Grant - PhD, BA Hons, Lecturer - Digital Humanities, ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Maria Dahm :
Dr Maria Dahm - PhD (Macquarie University), MA (University Of Konstanz) - Research Fellow, ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Christina Spry :

Dr Christina Spry, Biology, CMBE

Christina Spry is a NHMRC Early Career Fellow working in the Research School of Biology with a  a keen interest in antimicrobial drug discovery.
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