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Paddock to Plate dinner at Boffins

Experience a unique Paddock to Plate dinner journey with us!

Hear firsthand from some of our farmers and chefs about their knowledge and passions behind growing produce and farming and the importance of our collaboration with each other.

Feast on six sharing style dishes, carefully selected by Chef Bernd Brademann, inspired by the best produce our region has to offer.

You can choose your preferred dinner options:

1. Dinner only with beverages purchased on consumption 

2. Dinner and local wine matched package

Our wine matched dinner option complements the celebration of local and regional produce with a selection of local wines.

Don’t miss out!


About the producers: 

Loriendale Orchard – Meet Owen Pidgeon and hear about his organic orchard, just north of Canberra.

This boutique orchard has an international selection of over 120 varieties of heritage and modern apples. First picking in mid January, last in June.
The orchard also grows nectarines, peaches, nashi pears, hazelnuts and a selection of berries which mature through the summer month.All the fruits are tree ripened for freshness and quality; they are fruits with flavour.
Owen’s production methods are based on organic best practice. So you will see the bantam hens foraging in the orchard, companion planting, plenty of mulch and biological methods used for the pest control.


Boxgum Grazing – Meet Sam from this multi-generational farm of the Johnson family, located in Murringo, New South Wales.

The core of their story is one of an absolute commitment to regenerative agriculture based upon the practices of holistic management pioneered by Allan Savory. 

As such, they not only treat their animals with the utmost respect, they harness their natural instincts to regenerate the soil and return biodiversity to the environment.

their motto: Farming should cooperate with nature, not try to tame it.


Ingelara Farm –  a biodynamic farm run by Tobias and Beatrice Koenig.

It is an established producer and supplier of organic potatoes and garlic, as well as a range of seasonal vegetables such as pumpkins, tomatoes, and zucchini, mixed leaves, herbs, rhubarb and many more. The farm is home to pasture-raised Angus cattle and Wessex Saddle-Back pigs.

We believe “…Eating is inescapably an agricultural act, and how we eat determines to a considerable extent how the world is used.” (Wendell Berry), consequently, our goal is to produce nutritious, biodynamic, healthy food for our local community and to create a diverse, balanced, sustainable and productive environment for further generations.