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Friday Reading Group

Our next reading group will be focused on everyone’s favourite topic: food.  We’ll be discussing Dorian Fuller and Mike Rowland’s Ingestion and Food Technologies (attached).  It offers some fascinating insights into how regional cuisines have developed.  This is a must for foodies, lovers of Master Chef, and for the rest of us aspiring academics.

The reading will be facilitated by PhD scholar, Tuukka Kaikkonen.  He has written an insightful summary of the paper below

Tuukka writes:

In their 2011 paper, Fuller and Rowlands explore how regional culinary traditions have developed across Asia through time. The authors draw from archaeology, history, genetics, and ethnography to suggest that the major regional cuisines have surprisingly long prehistories, stretching to the inception of agriculture or even earlier times. Also striking is how persistent these traditions have been through time, retaining fundamental characteristics while selectively incorporating new elements into the culinary repertoires. To explain these observations, the authors speculate how cooking, consumption, cultivars, and religious practices may have developed in tandem, creating broad and persistent geographic culinary patterns. The reading covers a lot of ground, and presents opportunities for equally wide-ranging conversation about ethnic identity and boundary maintenance, tradition and modernity, and simply about everyone’s favourite topic, food.

The details: Fellows Bar (in the bar area, not the café); Friday, 29 September, 12pm. Lunch included.

If you are interested in attending the reading group please email Grant Walton –



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