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Friday Reading Group

This month’s reading group will meet at 12 pm Friday, 30 June to discuss a fascinating and timely text.

Mark Jones will be introducing us to Noel Pearson’s  classic “White, guilt, victimhood and the quest for the radical centre” (Griffith Review, Edition 16).  Mark explains his choice of reading below.

“One of Australia’s great orators, Pearson has been a tireless activist for Aboriginal’s “…right to take responsibility” and for the radical centre.

The ‘radical centre’ may be defined as the intense resolution of the tensions between opposing principles (in this example, the principles are freedom and social order) – a resolution that produces the synthesis of optimum policy. The radical centre is not to be found in simply splitting the difference between the stark and weak tensions from either side of popularly conceived discourse, but rather where the dialectical tension is most intense and the policy positions much closer and more carefully calibrated than most people imagine. Pearson (Griffith Review, Ed. 16)

‘White guilt’ is a great read, but the whole article is probably too long to give justice to in an hour, so can we focus on the sections:

– Washington versus Du Bois
– Australian paradox after 1967: Black rights become white responsibilities
– The radical centre in policy and leadership”

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