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Friday Reading Group

Our first University House reading group for 2017 promises fascinating debate and discussion, as we examine one prominent Economist’s take on marriage.  PhD scholar Dan Liu will introduce us to Gary Becker’s A Theory of Marriage (1974)

Coffee/tea/cake supplied.

Dan writes:

This paper is the first economic analysis of marriage as far as I know. It provides a novel methodology to explain why and what type of males and females get married. I like this paper because it shows how powerful and universal the economic analysis is. It may also invoke dispute because not everyone can accept the bold idea such as “gains in marriage”.

Can marriage be captured by an economic formula? Is there such thing as a marriage market?

Come and find out:

Where: Fellows Bar

When: Friday, 17 March 9:00am (note the earlier start)

Coffee/tea/cake supplied.

If you are interested in attending the reading group please email Grant Walton –