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CWF 2017 – War, Peace & Insecurity


War, Peace & Insecurity: Allan Gyngell and Gareth Evans in conversation with Allan Behm

Foreign policy matters to an island nation in uncertain times. Since Allan Gyngell joined Australia’s Department of External Affairs in 1969, he has devoted his career to diplomacy, foreign policy, analysis and intelligence. Now he uses the prism of history to reveal how Australia has evolved as a nation on the world stage.

Allan Gyngell

Allan Gyngell was Director-General of ONA, the Australian government’s central intelligence assessment agency, from 2009 to 2013. That followed six years as founding executive director of the Lowy Institute for International Policy. He was foreign policy adviser to Paul Keating and worked as a diplomat, policy officer and analyst in several government departments. He is the co-author of Making Australian Foreign Policy.

About the book

In the new world order, does Australia need to change how it engages in the world? And what can we learn from the history of our foreign policy?

In this vivid narrative history, Allan Gyngell unpacks how the fear of being abandoned – originally by Britain, and later by our most powerful ally, the United States – has been a major driver of how Australia acts in the world. He explores the places, people and ideas that have been most important since our nation has had a foreign policy of its own.

Written by an expert and insider, Fear of Abandonment is a gripping and authoritative account of the way Australians and their governments have helped create the world we now inhabit in the twenty-first century. Covering subjects as diverse as the Malayan Emergency, the White Australia Policy, the Vietnam War, Whitlam in China, apartheid in South Africa, East Timorese independence and the current South China Sea dispute, Fear of Abandonment reveals how Australia has evolved as a nation on the world stage.

Fear of Abandonment is published by Black Inc.

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