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CWF 2017 – Rebecca Huntley in conversation with George Megalogenis


Rebecca Huntley in conversation with George Megalogenis

Rebecca Huntley is a social researcher who has spent years travelling Australia exploring our hearts and minds. In a world full of noise and afraid of genuine reform, she wants to break through all the noise and make you feel better about this country and the people around you.

Dr Rebecca Huntley
Dr Rebecca Huntley is one of Australia’s most respected researchers on social and consumer trends, heading the long running Mind & Mood Report. She is also a Director at Ipsos Australia, a presenter of Friday’s RN Drive for Radio National, a columnist for Business Review Weekly and the author of numerous books including The World According to Y, Eating Between the Lines and The Italian Girl.

About the book

At a time when politics seems increasingly negative and our society increasingly divided, Still Lucky shows that we are more fortunate than we think, and have more in common than we know.

Rebecca Huntley, one of Australia’s most experienced and knowledgeable social researchers, wants to break through all the noise and make you feel better about this country and the people around you. Our politicians are becoming more conservative, both in their policies and their ambitions for the country, but the Australian people – almost all of us – want to see real social change. We are more generous and more progressive, and more alike, than we think we are – and we are better than our day-today political discourse would suggest.

Huntley has spent years travelling the country, getting to know what’s in our hearts and minds. Here she tackles the biggest social questions facing Australia now: Why do we fear asylum seekers? Why are women still underpaid and overworked? Why do we over-parent? Why do we worry even though we are lucky?

Still Lucky is a broad-ranging, wise and compelling look at who we are now and where we are heading in the future, from someone who knows what Australians are really thinking.

Still Lucky is published by Penguin Random House.

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