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CWF 2017 – Geopolitical and Sectarian Challenges to Australia from the Middle East


Geopolitical and Sectarian Challenges to Australia from the Middle East

Eastern Promise or Clear and Present Danger? Geopolitical and sectarian challenges to Australia from the Middle East: Gareth Evans in conversation with Amin Saikal and Raihan Ismail.

Join international affairs expert Gareth Evans and two of Australia’s premier academic experts on Middle Eastern, Arabic and Islamic issues and Australia’s former Foreign Minister as they discuss challenges for Australia as a result of geopolitical instability and the rise of sectarianism in the Middle East.


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Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC FASSA FAIIA has been Chancellor of the Australian National University since January 2010. He was a Cabinet Minister in the Hawke and Keating Labor Governments from 1983-96, in the posts of Attorney General, Minister for Resources and Energy, Minister for Transport and Communications and was Foreign Minister from 1988 to 1996. From 2000 to 2009 he was President and CEO of the Brussels-based International Crisis Group, the independent global conflict prevention and resolution organisation. He has written or edited 13 books, has published many newspaper articles and over 100 journal articles and chapters on foreign relations, human rights and legal and constitutional reform.

Amin Saikal AM, FASSA is Distinguished Professor of Political Science at the Australian National University. He is a specialist in the politics, history, political economy and international relations of the Middle East and Central Asia, and the role of Islam in these regions. In April 2006, he was appointed Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for service to the international community and to education, and as an author and adviser. He is an elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Science in Australia. He is author of numerous works on the Middle East, Central Asia, political Islam, and Russia and has also published many articles in international journals and major international newspapers.

Raihan Ismail is a lecturer at the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, ANU. Her research interests include Islam, Political Islam, sectarianism and Middle East politics. She is a regular commentator in the Australian media on Islam and Middle East politics, has published in both academic and non-academic outlets and is the author of Saudi Clerics and Shia Islam, published by Oxford University Press in 2016.