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Australian Haydn Ensemble: Haydn’s Passion

Directed by Dr Erin Helyard from the keyboard to finish the year, we go over to the dramatic side of CPE Bach and Haydn.

The program contains four works reflecting the 18th century ‘storm and stress’ movement. Often discussed in the context of literature, such musical works are often in minor keys and exhibit dramatic characteristics.

CPE’s D minor flute concerto, one of his most virtuosic and colourful, will show- case the exquisite and pure sounds of Australia’s leading period instrument flautist, Melissa Farrow. The G minor harpsichord concerto will be performed by our esteemed colleague, Dr Erin Helyard, preceeded by a stormy E minor symphony for strings and winds.

As the finale of our 2016 season we present Haydn’s La Passione symphony. His only orchestral work in the key of F minor, this work illuminates the darker side of this otherwise sunny composer.

“[I]f there’s anything more joyous than the full-body conducting of Erin Helyard I haven’t seen it in a long while.” –The Australian, 2013

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