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ATSE Lecture – The “S” in “IOT” stands for Security

We hear many positive stories about the transformation of our world with the Internet of Things – from home assistants, clever gadgets through to automated mines and self-organised factories. But at the same time, the reports of Internet malware continue to get more disturbing. The attacks we see in the Internet are getting larger and the impacts more destructive. How will the Internet of Things affect the Internet? Are we talking about achieving a digital Utopia or having to live with a fractured Dystopia?

Speaker Biography: Geoff Huston B.Sc., M.Sc., is a graduate of the ANU, where he dropped an unpromising degree in mathematics to pursue a new found passion for computing and networking. He worked on the ANU campus for the next twenty years, spending most of his time in the Computer Centre waiting for systems to boot! He was recruited to start up the Australian Academic and Research Network, which he ran from ANU. He has spent an obligatory 10 year sentence in Telstra, where he was the company’s Internet Architect. Upon his release, he joined the IP Numbers folk, and works and plays as the Chief Scientist at APNIC, the IP address registry for the Asia Pacific. He has authored a number of books, a larger number of technical specifications, and continues to toil in the Internet, with interests in routing security, name, name security and transport (and transport security!)

This talk is co-hosted by the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) and University House.