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Friday Reading Group

This month the reading group will tackle another fascinating read: Thongchai Winichakul’s Siam Mapped.  It’s a book that will get you thinking about national identity and, an issue close to my heart, geography. Wilbert Wong will facilitate the discussion over lunch; his rationale for choosing the reading is below:

We’ll focus our discussion on the introduction and Chapter 1. However, chapter two is also included in the attached for those so inclined.

The details: Fellows Bar (in the bar area, not the café); 12pm, Friday 21 July.

Wilbert writes:

We live in a world of nation-states today and, for many of us, the idea of a nation and national identity has become so normalised it has become part of us. We have, for instance, our own concepts of what makes an Australian, what is the ideal Australian, or the shared history that binds us as Australians. This reading is interesting in a sense that it looks at how the idea of a nation and national identity is constructed, using Thailand as a case study. It also demonstrates that discourses portraying other cultures as inferior is universal and not a Western phenomenon.

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Notes for Siam Mapped

Siam Mapped – Intro – chp 2 A