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ad hominem

 The second event in the 2017 Ad Hominem series features:

Dr Chris Bishop (School of Literature, Languages and Lingustics)

Dr Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller (School of Archaeology and Anthropology)

Dr Shameem Black (South Asia Research Institute)

An ad hominem argument interrogates not the argument itself, but the person advancing it.  With this series, we take up that idea in a more positive way –– ‘ad hominem’ is a series of quirky, research-led conversations getting at the stories behind the HERDC points. Each evening event will feature three of ANU’s most interesting thinkers reflecting on the personal aspects of their research: why particular questions fascinate them, how they pursue them, and how pursuing them has shaped their lives.

Join us at University House for a glass of wine and an hour of lively conversation, as the speakers explore life inside and beyond the academy.