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Board of Fellows

The Board of Fellows comprises up to 9 members, drawn from the Academic Staff of the University, from the Membership of the House, from the general community, and from the ANU Postgraduate and Research Students’ Association.

The Board meets regularly throughout the year, and provides advice to the Master on the full range of activities conducted by University and Graduate House.

2017 Board of Fellows

Prof Peter Kanowski
ex officio

Dr Ann Evans
Deputy Master
Demographic & Social Research Institute
Vice Chancellor appointment

Prof Kiaran Kirk
College of Medicine, Biology & Environment
Vice Chancellor appointment

Dr Sorin Daniliuc 
College of Business and Economics
Vice Chancellor appointment

Dr Jose Zapata
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Vice Chancellor appointment

Dr John Biggs
Member elected

Emeritus Prof Elizabeth Minchin
Member elected

Ms Alyssa Shaw
PARSA President

Dr Ian Grigg
Community member
Vice Chancellor appointment

Mr Kevin Lonsdale
Research School of Physics & Engineering
Vice Chancellor appointment